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Thursday, February 2, 2012

She looks so much like you

I love this title; I love this statement. I am told this frequently when Natalia and I are out and about - even by people who don't know the long path it took for us to find each other. Every time I hear it, I just smile. You see, I have the most beautiful 13 year old daughter, born of my own flesh, who looks NOTHING like me. I waited years and years, just hoping some little feature or characteristic would come through. Nada. The spitting image of her Dad, except (as I mentioned) beautiful. There are good parts to this. She has perfectly straight teeth and legs that could easily clear a hurdle.

Of course, I haven't bothered to ask how people find a resemblance between me and Lala. Natalia has blue eyes; mine are brown. Natalia is blonde; I am too, most of the time, but only with the help of bleach and a talented stylist. If I had to guess, I would say that it's because we both have pinch-able (okay, if you must, "chubby") cheeks. Like I said, I haven't bothered to ask. The other thing I hear when we're together is "My, she sure is tall for her 2 1/2." Well, actually she is just under the 50th percentile. FABULOUS by any measure, especially given the limitations of her previous environment. However, I'm only 5'2" (rounding up) so she just appears really tall.

We rounded our second month home. No big news, which is the best news of all. If anything has not gone as well as I had hoped, it is limited to the amount of pictures taken. That has been a terrible disappointment. Today, I put the camera out on the counter - with hope that it will be a reminder to take more shots. There are a few on the iPhone; there were more up until a week ago when I suddenly recognized several missing. Yep, I believe Lala had something to do with that; my own dang fault. Natalia loves to make funny faces; so much so now I am challenged now to teach her how to "smile pretty". Those faces sure are funny though.

"Crazy Eskimo" face:

"Gangster Girl" face:

"PuppyDog Growl" face:

"Just Really Excited About the Mention of Meeting Sydney at the End of the Driveway After School" face:

As every mom knows, the sweetest faces come when we just don't ask for them at all - or dress for them:

Please bear with me, and the rare posts, over the next few months. This whole parenting x 2 + working + law school is more than I bargained for. In only a few months, the law school part will be done (except for that pesky bar exam). I hope to keep up with the blog; to keep in touch with friends, family, and all those fellow families made even happier with little Ruskas and Ruskees - that and it's just really fun to write something creative (loose use of the term, please) now and again. Love, Cameo - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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